Tissue Imaging

Tissue imaging and profiling by MALDI-TOF MS provides unique information that facilitates understanding of normal biological and pathological processes.  SimulTOF Systems technology employing a 5kHz laser and “on-the-fly” peak detection and calibration provides the highest speed and throughput available for tissue imaging.  Current research is focused on interrogating protein expression in tissues, directly measuring the distribution of drugs and metabolites in tissues and correlating these distributions with changes in the proteome.

Stage Open on display of the website

Two rat sections (front and back of the animal) mounted on standard micro-titer sized plate loading into SimulTOF 200

Mouse Pup Image on display of the website

Lipid images of whole mouse pup section at 50 μm resolution, 100 shots/pixel, 150,000 spectra in 1.3 hours

Brain zoom in x ray on display of the website

Example of mouse brain image generated with 250 shots per pixel, 1 mm/s raster at 50 μm spacing.  100,000 spectra generated in 1.4 hours

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